Erasmus+ KA121

Erasmus + KA121 is a program funded by the European Union that allows the mobility of the center’s staff to other European educational centers. The KA121 accreditation allows us to carry out mobility of students (both long and short duration), of teachers for training courses or observation periods, and to receive experts at the center for training or to request collaboration from internship personnel.

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Which students can participate?

During the 2021-22 course any student of the center from the 3rd year of ESO can choose to participate in the Erasmus+ in the modalities:

  • One week exchange
  • Stay in a foreign institute for a whole term
What is required to participate in exchanges?
  • Prove good behavior
  • Responsible attitude
  • Being able and willing to communicate in English
  • Desire to open up to new experiences
  • Work on exchange-related activities
  • Commitment to receive and host a student during the exchange
What can we do in 2021-22?
  • Visit of two experts and two trainees
  • Courses and observation periods for teachers
  • Various mobilities of students to make exchanges

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